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I am entering 6th grade in the fall...

Girls entering 6th grade in the fall are considered a LIA camper. LIA (Leader-in-Action) will be learning the beginning steps to become a PAIT and then a Program Aide.

When registering for camp, 6th graders will register normally as a "Camper." During camp, you will learn your first steps to leading!

I am entering 7th grade in the fall...

Girls entering 7th grade in the fall are a PAIT, Program Aide in Training. It is recommended that girls becoming a PAIT have completed the LIA program.

All training will be at camp. There is no additional paperwork or trainings needed before camp.

PAITs will learn the steps to become a great PA!

The Thursday Overnight

Girls entering 6-12th grade in the fall are invited to stay over at camp on Thursday, August 1, 2024. You will stay at camp after the buses leave on Thursday, then participate in a wide variety of activities including the "PAIT Activity," group dinner, camp fire and songs, and bonding with your fellow campers and leaders. Please mark on you registration if you are attending the overnight. A permission slip will be required to attend as well.

To find out what to bring to camp and what the camp rules are, click here.

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